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17 years strong. 100% volunteers. 10,000 lives saved. This is how we roll.

$32,965 raised

$30,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

48 hours behind the scenes: Why we chose to open our sanctuary in Oakland and how it's changed literally everything.

A very pregnant kitty trapped hours before giving birth..

A small terrified dog that had been running panicked for weeks through the heavy rainstorms.

A sweet old pit bull laying near death in a deserted doorway in the hot sun for days.

Orphaned raccoons, injured stray chickens, fledgling hawks, tiny wild baby birds.

What happens to the animals that are hit by cars, are hurt, abandoned or having babies on the side of the road ? The late night emergencies that are brought to our door - with no shelters open for after hour care, ER vets needing huge payments.. What do we do?

Well.... We find a way to save them.

We work with amazing vets that give us discounts and payment plans. And we save lives. We are not fancy, we don't have fancy cars or pretty buildings- or paid staff. But what we do have is a desire like no other to help animals. Every dollar donated to RD goes directly to where it's needed -- vet care, rent and insurance. We rock this rescue entirely with volunteers. 17 years strong. 10,000 animals lives saved.

We are a hardworking, effective, dedicated organization. but ..right now, not gonna lie, we are struggling to cover some outstanding vet bills. And we really need your help .

So, we are kicking off an online šŸ’„emergency fundraiseršŸ’„

Help show love and support for the group that loves you back the most.

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